Festival Focus: Boyd Meets Girl

Guest Notes from ACG Artistic Director Joe Williams

What’s great about it: Gramophone just hailed the new album by Boyd Meets Girl as “Beguiling… fascinating… enchanting…” and I totally agree. Boyd Meets Girl is all about charm. The husband and wife duo brings together the delightful combination of cello and classical guitar. Their music is at turns intimate, soulful and danceable with a welcoming ease that brings you in.

Why you should go: By hearing a song by Beyonce next to one by Schubert—all played brilliantly—we can perceive a broader picture of music. One that is alive and vivid, and has so much more in common than not—just like every one of us! The first time Austin Classical Guitar presented Boyd Meets Girl was in May 2021. We streamed their concert live from a hip little listening room in Brooklyn, NY where the duo is based. During that performance, they showcased a brilliantly eclectic program. They moved from Debussy to The Beatles and they did it with authenticity and refinement.

You’ll love it if you love: Amazing skill of mashing up the unexpected and sublime. I am so looking forward to sharing this experience with you and thrilled to be presenting them with our dear friends at Austin Chamber Music Center.

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Thanks to Austin Classical Guitar Artistic Director Joe Williams for being our Festival Focus guest writer this week! The ACMC team is looking forward to co-presenting Boyd Meets Girl with ACG on July 23, as part of the Austin Chamber Music Festival. Check out the full lineup on our Festival page and reserve your tickets now! If you’re buying tickets for three events or more, don’t forget to order our flexible discount packages.

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