Festival Focus: The Winter’s Tale

Notes from ACMC Artistic Director Michelle Schumann

What’s great about it: Our combination of live chamber music set to Shakespeare’s scenes is a unique and innovative concept. This year we’re taking on the passion, jealousy, and redemption of The Winter’s Tale and giving it an icy and exciting live soundtrack with works by Rachmaninov, Grieg, Smetana, and Tchaikovsky. Each season, we find this to be one of our most immersive and transformative concerts, and this year will be no different!

Why you should go: This performance will be an incredible delight for all the senses. Placing stellar musicians together with dramatic actors enlivens both art forms and you’ll be caught in a whirlwind of story-telling and emotions. I like to think of these integrated events as “Chamber Music PLUS”… or “Shakespeare PLUS.” Expressive amplification and powerful immersion.

You’ll love it if you love: Having your expectations wayyyyyy exceeded. Audiences are always commenting about how much they love this collaboration… about how much more they enjoy Shakespeare because of the music, and how much more they enjoy chamber music because of the dramatic impulse. Indeed, if you love music within a dramatic context, you are going to LOVE this performance!

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Stay tuned for more Festival Focus features from Michelle in the coming weeks! The whole ACMC team is looking forward to sharing these concerts with you in July; check out the full lineup on our Festival page and reserve your tickets now! If you’re buying tickets for three events or more, don’t forget to order our flexible discount packages.

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