The Austin Chamber Music Center creates chamber music experiences that connect, educate, and inspire our community.


ACMC seeks to:

  • Develop the next generation of musicians and audiences.
  • Make chamber music accessible to everyone.
  • Provide audiences with a wide range of chamber music experiences.
  • Provide an avenue for professional musicians to interact with each other and to communicate their enthusiasm for chamber music to students and audiences through paid teaching and performance opportunities.
  • Develop and expand the chamber music repertoire, including the commissioning of new works, study, and recording of less familiar repertoire.
  • Instill lifelong skills of leadership and cooperation through music education.
  • Connect people of all backgrounds through music and music-making.


  • Diversity We should reflect and respond to the diversity of our community.
  • Equity We do not prevent anyone from participating in our programs due to financial or other burdens.
  • Inclusion All are welcome in our programs regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disability, age, or citizenship status.

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