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Program tailored for upper intermediate and advanced middle and high school students passionate about chamber music and seeking a flexible rehearsal schedule.

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The ChamberFlex Academy provides high-level chamber music experiences to middle and high school students during the fall and spring semesters. The program is designed for upper intermediate to advanced woodwind, brass, string and piano players offering a more flexible schedule for rehearsals. Participants are matched into one (1) chamber ensemble, typically three to five students, according to their age, playing level, availability, and (ideally) location. Ensembles receive weekly coaching sessions from local professional musicians and participate in masterclasses and formal performances. Working in small ensembles instills skills that all young performers can use throughout their education and careers. Chamber music provides the perfect opportunity for a positive peer group dynamic, allowing a productive outlet for artistic exploration, creativity and expression.

Pre-formed ensembles are welcomed and highly encouraged!

Weekly rehearsals, with a professional coach, will take place in participating families homes, chamber coach’s home, or another location that works for everyone. Ensembles will be formed based on the factors stated above. If for any reason an enrolled student is not able to be placed in an appropriate ensemble before the semester begins a full refund will be issued.

As part of the program, students will receive the following during each semester enrolled

  • Up to 10 (one-hour) coaching sessions with a local professional musician
  • An opportunity to perform in a masterclass towards the latter half of the semester
  • A collaborative semester-end performance
  • FREE tickets (general seating) to the 2024/25 Saturday Synchronism Concerts, subject to change
  • FREE tickets (general seating) to the 2024/25 Saturday Synchronism Concerts during the semester enrolled, subject to change

Benefits of chamber music as a growing musician

  • Meet and play with other young musicians that have a similar passion for music
  • Be a soloist within a small ensemble
  • Develop essential musical skills such as sense of pitch, rhythm, and tone
  • Build confidence, creativity, teamwork, communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills
  • Learn to critique others, while still being respectful of each other and other’s ideas
  • Engage the right and left sides of the brain simultaneously (basically exercising the brain!)
  • Apply chamber music skills to solo, band or orchestra experiences… making students a well-rounded overall musician

Parents/Guardians & Students must read and agree to the following

All participants must agree to and follow the below Program Expectations.

  • Students will be respectful of fellow ensemble members and ACMC coaches inside and outside of rehearsals.
  • Students are to be on time and ready to go at all scheduled rehearsals.
  • Students are required to bring the following items to EVERY rehearsal:
    • assigned chamber music
    • pencil
    • instrument and accessories (rosin, shoulder rest, rock stop, extra strings, swabs, reeds, etc.)
    • a positive attitude
  • Students are required to practice for each rehearsal. The assigned coach will focus on helping students play together as a group (phrasing, dynamics, listening, etc.) not helping students learn their individual parts. It is crucial for individual players to be prepared for each rehearsal, as well as continue to work on music individually outside of rehearsals. If students are having issues with their parts, they are encouraged to take the music into their private lessons.
  • Students must commit to every scheduled rehearsal. ALL students participating in the program must commit to all rehearsals, unless there is an emergency or illness. If a student cancels or does not show up to a rehearsal the Director of Education will be notified.
  • Students are required to perform on the semester end concert (see below for concert dates).
  • Families will stay on top of communication and read all emails sent by the Director of Education, and assigned chamber coach, thoroughly so there is no confusion.
  • If a student is unable to meet the above expectations, parents/guardians and student understand the student will be removed from the program at the discretion of ACMC’s Director of Education and tuition will not be refunded.

Have questions about the program? Click the FAQ link below to see if your question can be answered.

Visit The ChamberFlex Academy FAQ Page

Fall 2024 Semester Dates

Registration Deadline August 20
Semester Dates September 9 to December 14
Masterclass TBA
Semester End Concert Saturday, December 14 @ 11:00 AM

Spring 2025 Semester Dates

Registration Deadline January 7
Semester Dates January 27 to May 3
Masterclass TBA
Semester End Concert Saturday, May 3 @ 11:00 AM

2024/2025 Semester Fees

Fall Semester (1 chamber ensemble) = $500
Spring Semester (1 chamber ensemble) = $500

Refund policy:

  • Semester fee is non-refundable for the fall semester after August 20 and for the spring semester after January 7
  • All refund requests before the non-refundable dates stated above will be charged a flat $10 administration fee

Video Placement Auditions

Auditions are for chamber ensemble placement only. Once the online registration and tuition are taken care of students are enrolled. Any questions regarding whether a student is ready for this program should be directed to Jeni Gossard, Director of Education, BEFORE registering. Auditions are required to get everyone’s most accurate playing level for ensemble pairing and music selecting!

Fall Auditions: All students that did not participate in the 2024 Workshop will be required to submit a video placement audition.
Spring Auditions: All students that did not participate in the Fall 2024 ChamberFlex Academy will be required to submit a video placement audition.

EXCEPTION: Already established ensembles are encouraged to contact the ACMC Director of Education if interested. Preformed ensembles may be asked to submit an ensemble audition video.

Video audition material: TWO (2) contrasting solo movements, two (2) contrasting etudes, or one solo and one etude, of the student’s choice, that showcases their current playing level musically and technically

  • Each selection should be between 2-5 minutes in length
  • Each selection should be videotaped separately
  • Label each video with the last name of the composer and title of piece/etude
  • When videotaping, be sure you are facing the camera, your background is well lit, and that we can see your full instrument and both hands
  • We recommend consulting private lesson instructors to help with selecting audition material

Email your two separate videos to Jeni at

  • Video delivery formats
    • Acceptable formats:  Google Drive or Dropbox
    • NOT Acceptable:  YouTube videos
  • In your email provide the following for each video selection
    • Solo titles, movements, and composers AND/OR etude book titles, or numbers, and composers

Video submission deadlines

  • Fall Semester: Monday, August 26
  • Spring Semester: Monday, January 13

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Contact Jeni Gossard, Director of Education at with any questions, or click below to fill out a contact form to inquire about how to get involved with ChamberFlex Academy and/or to get updates on upcoming youth programs!

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