Adult Academy

A chamber music coaching program for adult amateur musicians who seek to learn and perform chamber music in a variety of configurations.

Adult Academy

During the fall and spring semesters, avocational musicians (ages 18 & up) are matched into ensembles, 3-5 players typically, according to their level and location and assigned a professional musician-coach. Sessions are scheduled weekly by the group at a mutually convenient time and location (typically in ensemble member homes) for both group members and coach, providing flexibility for the ensemble.

The program is open to string, woodwind, brass, and piano players of all playing levels. If for any reason a musician is not able to be placed in an appropriate ensemble before the semester begins a full refund will be issued.

Pre-formed ensembles are also welcome! Contact Jeni Gossard to get more details on how to register a pre-formed ensemble.

Due to the nature of the program–going into homes for rehearsals–we are requiring all musicians within the program to be fully vaccinated out of the safety for the musicians enrolled and their families. All musicians interested in registering should consider their comfortability with rehearsing in others homes and venues before enrolling.

As part of the program, musicians will receive

  • Four 90-minute coaching sessions throughout the semester by local professional musicians
  • A masterclass towards the later half of the semester
  • A semester-end performance
  • FREE tickets (general seating) to the Saturday Synchronism Concerts during the semester enrolled (subject to change)

Benefits of chamber music as an adult amateur musician

  • Meet and play with other musicians that have a similar passion for music
  • Be a soloist within a small, intimate ensemble
  • Challenge your playing and appreciate new music
  • Continue building a superior working memory
  • Further develop skills such as creativity, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking
  • Activate three different centers of the brain at the same time: language, hearing, and rhythmic motor control
  • Think differently and process different points of view… and most important, take pleasure in listening

Fall 2022 Semester Dates

Registration Now Closed 
Semester Dates September 10 to December 10
Masterclass Sunday, November 6
Semester End Concert Saturday, December 10 @ 6:00 PM

Spring 2023 Semester Dates

Registration Now Closed 
Semester Dates January 28 to May 6
Masterclass Sunday, April 2
Semester End Concert Saturday, May 6 @ 6:00 PM

2022/2023 Semester Fees

Fall Semester (1 chamber ensemble) = $200
Spring Semester (1 chamber ensemble) = $200

Fee is non-refundable for the fall semester after August 17 and for the spring semester after January 10.

Placement Auditions

Placement auditions aid faculty in putting together ensembles and are an opportunity for us to meet and hear all participants in the program. No pressure!! Once the online registration and fee are completed your place is secured within the Academy. Auditions are required to gather everyone’s most accurate playing level for ensemble pairing and music selecting.

Fall Auditions: All musicians that did not participate in the 2022 Workshop will be asked to do a placement audition
Spring Auditions: All musicians that did not participate in the Fall 2022 Academy will be asked to do a placement audition

The exception: If you have a pre-formed ensemble and want to pick your music then a placement audition is not required.

There are TWO ways to complete your placement audition:

Option 1:  Pre-Record a Video Audition

  • Video audition material: One movement of a solo OR one etude, of your choice, that showcases your current playing level musically and technically
  • Email your video to Jeni at
    • Video delivery formats: Google Drive or Dropbox
    • Please be sure your entire body (face and hands) and instrument are present in your video
    • Provide the following in your email:
      • Solo title, movement, and composer OR etude book title and/or number, and composer
      • List any other solo pieces you’re working on or recently completed
      • List any chamber music pieces that you have played or would like to play (no promises but nice to know!)
  • Previously recorded videos taken within 3 months of the semester registration deadline will be accepted IF they meet the above audition material requirements
  • Video submission deadlines
    • Fall Semester: Monday, August 22
    • Spring Semester: Monday, January 16

Option 2:  Schedule an In-Person Audition

  • In-person auditions will be scheduled individually with Jeni Gossard at the ACMC office: 7600 Burnet Road
  • Audition material: One movement of a solo OR one etude, of your choice, that showcases your current playing level musically and technically
    • All in-person auditions will be video taped
  • To schedule an audition day/time contact Jeni at
  • Audition Dates
    • Fall Semester: Saturday, August 20
    • Spring Semester: Saturday, January 14

Have questions or want to be informed of upcoming plans?

Contact Jeni Gossard, Director of Education at, or click below to fill out a contact form, to inquire about how to get involved with the Adult Academy and/or to get updates on upcoming adult programs!

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