Festival Focus: Andre Hayward & Friends

Guest Notes from Golden Hornet Artistic Director Graham Reynolds

What’s great about it: Andre has collected an amazing array of Black composers and players from Texas, New York, and beyond, with backgrounds in jazz, classical, and more. Each has a unique personal voice and the whole experience will be unlike any other during the festival.

Why you should go: You should go to hear fantastic music, to support Black artists, and to hear the unique sound of a small big band meets chamber music ensemble.

You’ll love it if you love: You’ll love this if you love jazz, if you love classical, if you love strings, if you love horns, if you want to be surprised at how contemporary composition can be accessible and ground breaking at the same time.

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Thanks to Golden Hornet Artistic Director Graham Reynolds for being our Festival Focus guest writer this week! The ACMC team is looking forward to co-presenting Andre Hayward & Friends with Golden Hornet on July 16, as part of the Austin Chamber Music Festival. Check out the full lineup on our Festival page and reserve your tickets now! If you’re buying tickets for three events or more, don’t forget to order our flexible discount packages.

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