Festival Focus: Merz Trio

Notes from ACMC Artistic Director Michelle Schumann

What’s great about it: The Merz Trio (rhymes with the German word Herz: “hair-tz”) is the newest and most stunning piano trio on the chamber music scene. Do you want to know what prizes they’ve won? Sheesh, the question is… what haven’t they won!? The list goes on and on: Naumburg, Fischoff, Concert Artists Guild, Chesapeake. What does this tell you? Not only do I love them, but so do the top vetters, impresarios, and leaders in the chamber music world! You’re not going to want to miss their Austin debut.

Why you should go: Merz Trio creates vibrantly dynamic programming which juxtaposes classical standards, new music, and their own arrangements of familiar and forgotten works, fluidly interwoven and guided with speaking from the Trio’s members. On July 9, we’ll hear their arrangements of gorgeous songs by Alma Mahler and Alban Berg along with Ravel’s La Valse (you’ll need to hear this live to believe it!) interspersed with quintessential piano trios by Beethoven and Brahms. Sounds like magic to me.

You’ll love it if you love: Creative, thoughtful programming, guided by charming discussion and interesting anecdotes, all the while brilliantly performed by virtuoso superstars. Oh come on, how can you resist this?!?

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