Summer Workshop

The multi-week Summer Workshop is a vibrant chamber music camp held in July. This enriching program offers musical opportunities to musicians of all ages, from youth to adults.

July 2024 Registration Now Closed!

A multi-week chamber music workshop in July. The Summer Workshop provides musical opportunities for musicians youth to adult. Activities include chamber music, chamber orchestra, and music elective classes in addition to coaching, masterclasses, and formal performances in Bates Recital Hall.

Workshop Location

University of Texas at Austin
Sarah & Ernest Butler School of Music
2406 Robert Dedman Drive
Austin, TX 78712

Participants are responsible for finding their own parking and paying as needed.

Why chamber music this summer?

  • Meet and play with other passionate musicians
  • Work with leading local musicians and visiting artists
  • Be a soloist within a small, intimate ensemble
  • Challenge your playing and appreciate new music
  • Develop essential musical skills such as sense of pitch, rhythm, and tone
  • Expand your confidence, creativity, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills
  • Engage the right and left sides of the brain simultaneously (basically exercising the brain!)
  • Most importantly, bring musical fun to your summer!!

Want to be informed of future Workshop plans?

Contact Jeni Gossard, Director of Education at, or click below to fill out a contact form, to inquire about how to get involved with Summer plans and/or to get updates on upcoming education programs!

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