Primary Division FAQ

Does my child really have to attend ALL days of the workshop in order to participate?

YES, ABSOLUTELY. It is required that all students attend ALL full days of the workshop (8:30am-12:30pm) and the last Saturday, which is the final concert day (9:30am – 12:00pm). One student absent from a chamber rehearsal affects the entire ensemble as each student has their own part. Absences are not only unfair to the other students in the ensemble but also to the faculty instructors. A student missing from rehearsals makes it challenging to keep the ensemble moving forward and progressing efficiently within the limited rehearsal time.

No exceptions will be made when it comes to missing workshop dates unless it’s an emergency or illness. Please do not schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) during workshop dates.

What if my child has been playing less than a year?

We ask that students have a minimum of one year of playing under their belts so they can get around the instrument fairly comfortably. Chamber music is about ensemble playing and less about teaching the instrument. However, there are always exceptions so if you’re not sure if your child is ready please contact the Director of Education BEFORE registering. If you register and we feel that your child is not ready after hearing their placement audition you will get a full refund.

When do I hear results from the placement auditions?

There are no ‘results’ from the placement auditions. Placement auditions are for the Director of Education and faculty members to hear returning students to hear/meet new students. Auditions are helpful for workshop staff to place students in compatible ensembles and for selecting appropriate music.

The placement auditions are not to get into the workshop. Once you register for the workshop you are in the program. In the rare occasion that we feel a student isn’t ready for the workshop after hearing the placement audition a full tuition refund will be given.

Is lunch offered at the camp?

No. Students will not have lunch at camp. There will be a snack break and students will be asked to bring their own snacks each day.

How long should I keep my schedule open for on the final concert day, Saturday, July 20?

There is one concert on this day for the Primary Division students, which begins at 10:30am. You should keep your schedules open from 9:30am-12:00pm. All students perform multiple times on this concert. The final concert will take place in Bates Recital Hall and is open to the public. Admission is free.

When will workshop music be ready and where do I pick up my music?

Workshop music will be ready approximately TWO weeks before the workshop start date. With three divisions (Primary, Young Artists, Adult) and students being in two different ensembles this process is a very lengthy one. We want students to have time to practice their parts (yes, they should practice their music before they get to the workshop) but we also want to make sure we’re putting ensembles together with a lot of thought and picking music with good eyes so that all students have a positive experience.

The Director of Education will notify parents when music is ready and provide further details in June.

Please note…
When looking at the music please remember (make sure your child knows this) that chamber music is about putting all of the parts within the chamber group together, creating music (not just playing the notes on the page) through dynamics and expression. Students will perform pieces without a conductor so there is a lot of time spent on tempo, stylistic concepts, historical discussions and unity within the ensembles. So, if your child says “my music is too easy” please remind them that they are just one part of the large puzzle (aka: chamber ensemble). Also, they don’t know what the other students parts are so they don’t know what’s going to happen once they get all together! Students may or may not get more music once the workshop begins. All depends on how the students work together, once they start rehearsals.

Can I sign up for private lessons as the workshop nears or after the workshop begins?

Yes, parents will have multiple opportunities to sign up for lessons before the workshop begins. You can sign up for lessons when you register online or by calling the Director of Education at the ACMC office after the registration deadline at any time before the workshop begins. The Director of Education will be sending out workshop materials the first week of June with another sign-up opportunity.

Signing up for lessons after the workshop has begun will be under the discretion of the Director of Education.

What is the earliest time I can drop off my student in the morning and the latest pick-up time?

The earliest ACMC faculty can supervise students in the morning is at 8:00am. If you arrive any earlier than 8:00am there will be no available supervision for your child. You should NOT leave your child unattended before this time. The day for all students ends at 12:30pm so if parents are a little late ACMC staff will need to be alerted. After this time there will be no ACMC faculty available to supervise. Since UT is a public campus safety is very important and we ask that parents not be late. More information about this and drop off/pick up locations will be sent out closer to the start of the workshop.

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