Zach Matteson

A person of many origins (i.e. Maryland, Siberia, Montana), Zach is proud to call Austin, TX his home base. Zach studied violin at the University of Maryland under the tutelage David Salness and Irina Muresanu. It was at Maryland that he met the other members of his band, Invoke, and together they moved to Austin TX, where they completed the Young Professional String Quartet Program at the University of Texas at Austin working with the MirĂ³ Quartet. When he’s not making tunes with Invoke, you can find him at a local coffee shop writing down some haikus, slurping down ramen from Ramen Tatsuya, or adding to his crazy collection of shirts from the local goodwill. Here’s a haiku he wrote about living life as a musician:

A toast to Ambition:

stardust coats our souls
a “misfortune” befalling
those who seek the light

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