Trio Bohémo

Shortly after its formation in 2019, Trio Bohémo’s talent and deep musicality became apparent. They received numerous awards: first they caused a stir at the Gianni Bergamo Award in Lugano, Switzerland, where they were awarded second prize. Due to this success, the trio was accepted into the “Le Dimore del Quartetto” network, which later awarded them the prize for Ensemble of the Year 2021. In the same summer they received several special prizes at the “ISA Festival” in Austria such as for the best interpretations of Viennese Classical Music, work by Bohuslav Martinů or the Czech Contemporary Chamber Music. A few days later they won first prize at the “International Filippo Nicosia Award” in Italy.

In 2021, Trio Bohémo not only received the first prize, but also the audience prize at the “International Johannes Brahms Competition” in Austria and only few weeks later they won the “International Parkhouse Award” in London.

During 2022 and 2023, Trio Bohémo continued to achieve successes on the competition circuit and with their debuts. The trio was on BBC Radio’s 3 ‘In Tune’ show. This was followed by first prize and prize for the best interpretation of the composition by S. Vainiunas at the “Stasys Vainiunas International Chamber Music Competition” in Vilnius, Lithuania. Few days later they were awarded the top prize at the “International Joseph Joachim Competition” in Weimar (without awarding the first prize) and prize for best performance of a contemporary piece. The “ISA Festival” in Austria once again gave Trio Bohémo an award, this time for the best chamber music ensemble with piano.

In 2023 they received first prize, prize for the best interpretation of Joseph Haydn, and the audience prize at the “International Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Competition” in Vienna. The trio also won third prize and the audience prize at the “Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition” in Australia, and they were awarded three special prizes at the “ARD International Music Competition.” On top of that, Trio Bohémo was selected to receive the prestigious prize of the “Czech Chamber Music Society”.

Debut concerts include the Vienna Musikverein, Wigmore Hall in London and Stoller Hall in Manchester, UK. They performed at numerous festivals such as the Prague Spring, CZ, Schwarzwald Musikfestival, DE and in Gent at the Festival van Vlaanderen, BE.

Trio Bohémo were members of the “European Chamber Music Academy” from 2020-2022 and studied under the direction of Hatto Beyerle, Johannes Meissl, Patrick Jüdt and Avedis Kouyoumdjian.

Thanks to the generous support of Dr. Jan Telenský Matouš plays on an impeccable copy of the Antonio Stradivari ‘Willemotte’ violin made by Florian Leonhard and on a unique violin by Matteo Goffriller.​ Kristina plays a beautiful cello by Fausto Maria Bertucci.

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