Peter Stopschinski

Peter Stopschinski (Composer) composed and recorded string arrangements and organ on Grupo Fantasma’s 2010 Grammy Award winning album La Existential. He also composed the music for Madeleine George’s play The Curious Case Of Dr. Watson that was nominated for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Drama. His musical with creator E.J. Stapleton, The Calico Buffalo, was chosen top 10 in the 2015 New York New Musical Theater Festival. Peter is Composer for Rude Mechs’ production I’ve Never Been So Happy, a western musical which was developed as a selection in the NEA New Play Development Program and played in Washington D.C. and Austin, TX and was picked up by Centre Theater Group for a 4 week run in L.A. at the Kirk Douglas Theater. Peter’s opera, Bum Phillips All-American Opera, with librettist Kirk Lynn about Bum Phillips and the Houston Oilers premiered at the La Mama Experimental Theater Space this year to rave reviews: “Watching a staged depiction of the ‘Luv Ya Blue’ era is like biting into a deep-fried madeline. “ – Texas Monthly. “…even Rigoletto would have to doff his cap.” – NY Times. The opera was attended by Bum’s son, NFL coach Wade Phillips, and former Houston Oiler Quarterback Dan Pastorini. “I was moved to tears in the end,” Mr. Pastorini said. “I lived with the man and I knew the man and they depicted him to a T.” Peter’s concerto for Harp, strings and percussion was featured at the 2014 Orchestra Gala Night at the gathering of the American Harp Society in New Orleans last June. Members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra were conducted by Peter Bay and the solo harp part was performed by Elaine Barber.

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