Hunter Robertson

Hunter Robertson is currently pursuing his Master of Music in Clarinet Performance at the University of Texas at Austin with Jonathan Gunn. He received his Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance from the Florida State University College of Music under the teachings of Jonathan Holden and Deborah Bish.

At 16 he began studying with Dr. Sunshine Simmons before attending Florida State University. One of Hunter’s biggest inspirations as a musician is his mother, who was also clarinetist and a talented musician in her own right.

Outside of the University of Texas, Hunter has performed with various jazz bands, wind ensembles, chamber groups, and orchestras in Texas, Florida, and Georgia, as well as performing in several international venues in Italy, Belgium, and France. In addition to his passion for performing, Hunter has taught students of a wide range of ages and skill levels, and maintains a healthy and vibrant teaching studio. Additionally, he is an active composer and arranger.

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