David’s Journey Through the In-School Program

David is a junior at LBJ/LASA High School who has been involved with ACMC since he was in middle school at Sarah Beth Lively. He writes in support of ACMC’s 2020 Amplify Austin campaign, which will provide funding to the In-School Coaching Program. Read David’s story below to learn just what an incredible impact our program has had on him. You can join David and support a young musician by donating to our Amplify Austin campaign. Your gift will have double the impact as the first $15,000 raised will be matched 1:1. By donating between 6 AM and 7 AM on Friday March 6, you can help ACMC earn a $1,000 bonus prize for having the most donors during that hour. Amplify the difference you make in young artists’ lives!

Amplify Chamber Music for a Student

Chamber music has provided some of the most valuable and genuine experiences I’ve ever had, developing my skills as well as my ability to work in groups and build new friendships through music. For almost five years, ACMC has given me the opportunity to participate in rewarding chamber music ensembles.

The in-school program in particular has been a formative influence on my musical progression. In middle school, my best friend and I were interested in chamber music, playing duets for our teachers and parents. When ACMC invited us to participate in a weekly quartet rehearsal in class, we were absolutely ecstatic. The two of us have been doing it ever since, and I truly believe that the positive change these sessions have left me with extends far beyond the stage or practice room.

Through this program, I have made close friendships with talented musicians and fellow students that have lasted long after the ensembles played their final concerts. The musical intuition and sensitivity that chamber music inspires has helped me get closer to other friends as well. Chamber music has also helped me become more effective in the academic field. Being able to receive and implement criticism professionally, as well as working productively in small groups, are both skills that translate across musical and academic pursuits alike.

Besides all that, I genuinely look forward to quartet rehearsals during the school day. It lifts my mood when I get to go away for an hour and do something I really care about, and so the opportunity to work with chamber music for free and without time constraints has been one I continue to value to this day.

Amplify Chamber Music for a Student

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