Virtual Showdown FAQs

Why is the competition changing its format for 2021?

ACMC has decided to downsize the competition for 2021 because we know not everyone has the same accessibility to recording equipment, some ensembles are not meeting as regularly or in the fall semester as they had hoped, and we want as many ensembles to have accessibility financially and musically. That does not mean the competition will not be as competitive and just as exciting! We also know that there are many ensembles that ARE eager to show off what they have been doing so we didn’t want to scratch the competition all together.

The plan is for the competition to be back to its regular format in 2022. For now we just want to make sure the chamber ensemble community has a performance outlet, receives feedback to keep growing and learning, and understands that ACMC needs to be financially responsible in presenting this event as a non-profit organization in a time of some uncertainty.

Where does the competition take place?

For 2021 the competition will take place virtually via Zoom webinar.

Will I receive a confirmation after I submit my ensemble’s application?

Yes. After you submit the online application, you will receive an email confirmation notifying you that your application has been successfully submitted. Competition staff will email if there are questions regarding your application materials. All ensemble members — and parents for Junior Division — will be emailed by competition staff the WEEK OF February 22 to let ensembles know if they have been invited to the virtual showdown event on March 6.

When will my ensemble get the virtual showdown schedule?

Competition staff will be emailing all ensembles the virtual showdown approximate schedule for Saturday, March 6 within a week of the event.

Can we change our ensemble’s virtual performance time on March 6, if invited?

Competition staff will be determining the virtual event timeline. Ensembles will not be allowed to request a specific time for their ensemble’s virtual performance. Expect each division’s showdown to be around 2 hours long. Voting for each division will take place at the end of each division’s showdown via Zoom polling.

Junior Division will start at 11 AM (CST)
Senior Division Mixed Instrumental will start at 2 PM (CST)
Senior Division String and Piano will start at 5 PM (CST)

Who can attend the virtual showdowns?

Anyone can attend the Virtual Showdowns on March 6. Each division’s showdown will be open to the public and admission is free.

How are the ensemble prizes determined?

Ensembles invited into the Virtual Showdown will be encouraged to invite as many people to the event as possible as the People’s Choice Prize will be based on the number of votes each ensemble gets per showdown.

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