A New Chapter for ACMC Leadership

Today, ACMC shares some transformational news which will have a substantial impact on our community. Both Peter Helf and Michelle Schumann have announced plans to change their roles at ACMC. The Board of Directors is setting a plan for the future which will lead our organization into a new and exciting next chapter.

Peter Helf has accepted a job offer to be the Executive Director of the Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation with a start date of March 1. After nearly 10 years of leadership with the Austin Chamber Music Center, Peter’s direction and management has poised ACMC for even greater levels of community engagement. “My time at ACMC has been filled with meaningful experiences that have resulted in great progress for our organization and have elevated the chamber music art form in Austin and beyond. While this move is incredibly bittersweet for me, I’m thrilled to continue giving back to the community in my new role at the Kuhn Foundation, which has supported ACMC for many years. I’m excited to be a resource to ACMC and help ensure that its future is bright and in good hands for years to come.” We invite community members to join us in celebrating Peter and his tremendous contributions to the Austin Chamber Music Center at the receptions of our upcoming Silent Wood, Deep River concerts on Friday, February 23 and Saturday, February 24.

Michelle Schumann, too, shares plans for succession. After 18 years of inspired artistic leadership, Michelle is wanting to step away from her role as Artistic Director at the end of August. “I am so proud of the wonderful things we’ve done at ACMC over the past years. But, just like my beginning at ACMC in 2006 was a real ‘shot in the arm’ for the organization, I feel like we’re approaching a new opportunity for a different, exciting, and energetic artistic direction for ACMC. I feel strongly about organizational renewal and am excited about the potential for growth and creativity at ACMC.” While Michelle will no longer serve as Artistic Director, she earnestly maintains her loyalty and dedication to ACMC and plans to remain a regular pianist with ACMC, continuing to grow the many relationships she’s cultivated over the years in our community.

It is a significant time at ACMC. We are a strong and inspiring organization and while we are sad to see Peter and Michelle leave their current roles, we are all so grateful that their leadership has helped to create and grow an organization that is so meaningful to so many. We are confident and eager to embark on the future.

— ACMC Board of Directors

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