School Concerts

Through School Concerts, ACMC is able to educate by presenting interactive performances of chamber music to elementary, middle and high school students. Concerts take place in the schools and virtually. Each professional ensemble offers a unique presentation in what it means to play and listen to chamber music.

During the 2021/2022 school year ACMC will be providing FREE in-person and digital School Concerts!

The concerts will feature local musicians who will present a variety of chamber music repertoire, introducing students to instrument families, invoking discussion, and energizing students to continue–or start–their excitement with music!

School Concerts Videos are FREE to schools and families in English and Spanish.

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In-person School Concerts are FREE to Austin Schools.

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Benefits of Virtual and In-Person School Concerts

ACMC’s performances give students…

  • a unique and intimate concert experience
  • fun worksheets and resource guides to go along with the virtual videos
  • a deeper look into instruments families that make up an ensemble
  • an outlet to learn about the music and composers featured
  • knowledge of music terminology and history
  • the opportunity to hear a variety of chamber music literature
  • skills in listening, critical thinking and movement
  • an outlet to explore the elements of playing in small groups
  • inspiration to play an instrument
  • motivation to practice
  • an opportunity to get excited about music with their peers

Share Your Feedback

ACMC is able to provide FREE digital and in-person School Concerts through generous sponsors and donors. Please let us know what you and your music students thought by reaching out to Aurel Garza-Tucker or by using form at the bottom of the page. We would love to see completed digital concert worksheets, drawings, stories, letters, and reactions from students if you have them!

School Concert funders like to see the impact our programs have on the music community, especially Title 1 schools. Support letters from teachers help us show our funders why these concerts–live or virtual–are vital for students of all ages. Without their support, and teacher support, we are not able to make these concerts free to our community!

Stay in the Loop!

Contact Aurel Garza-Tucker, Assistant Director of Education at, or fill out the below form, to stay in the loop about future plans, to share feedback with our sponsors/funders, or to have a group come out to your school.

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